The song 'La Neta' has a very dreamy almost mythical sonic scape to it with a touch of melancholic vibe but at the same time it's also an upliftnig song. For me it is about when you get stuck in daily rutines, not doing what you want to do in life which can be depressing at times, we all have been there. But the song has it's parts where it breaks down those negative barriers and brings hope and enlightenment that "you can do what you wanna do too". This is why I wanted to characterize two different personalities. One doing the mundane boring things in life and the second one being the cheerful spirit, trying to break those nasty rutines.

It was filmed in New York City by myself. Shout outs to Lucien 'Mr Bricks' Garin for editing the video. The video got a lot of publicity on music sites like Massappeal, Factmag, Gilles Peterson, Highsnobiety, Resident Advisor, Dummymag, Egotripland, Kingsize, Grand Smack etc.

Ps. La Neta means the truth in mexican spanish.