For my final project at Hyper Island I was assigned together with four other classmates to work with Nike Football. My role was mainly concept & UX design.

_The target group Football Obsessed Teens (FOT) 15 - 18 years old, passionate players dreaming of playing professional.

_The problem FOT's mainly purchase one Silo, the Mercurial Vapor because of lack of knowledge of what the other Silos have to offer.

_The challange How could Nike inspire FOT's at the same time provide a tool to educate FOT's about Nike products?

_The solution A personal assistant to help the FOT's take a step towards professional football.


Once the FOT is logged in, the user can educate himself about the different Nike Silos. In order for The Nike Assistant to feel as a real personal assistant we ask the user to enter some information such as team, position and silo to his personal player profile.


Many of the top players have professional assistants that help them with their training, sharing insights and everyday tips. The Nike Assistant is meant to work as a personal assistants, as a way of leading them into the right direction and to get inspired to reach their goals. Perhaps even to give the FOT's a heads up before a game, notifying that it will be a hot evening on game day. This way Nike can organically push their products through the app.


Of course we thought of the social aspect of it. To incentivize the sharing and buzz building of the app we help the FOT to bring a crowd to his game by sharing game information such as day, time, location and opponent. In one single interaction the app shares the information on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


This app is very scalable, in terms of functions you could add to it. One being a user generated information section about the facilites. Ratings and reviews if they are good or bad, clean showers? Is it real grass or artificial turf?


_Team Younus Abdalla / AndrĂ© Karlsson / Fredrik Hvass / Noah Gibson